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Apocalypse comes from a greek word that means to uncover or reveal. The word has come to represent the Christian prophetic revelation concerning the final destruction of evil that will usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ. Apocalypse is now synonymous with the predicted widespread global destruction.

The Apocalypse is associated with the Christian concept of the End of Time, the End of Days, the Last Days or the End of the World. Prophesies of the final destruction of evil are found throughout the Bible. The Old Testament books of Daniel and Joel and the New Testament book of Revelations are the most graphic prophetic sources for understanding what is going to happen during the final moments of the world as we know it. Eschatology is the study of these doctrines concerning the end of the world. Through the years Eschatologists have published countless timelines that outline when the great Apocalypse will happen. Some believe that even Isaac Newton developed
a timeline that suggested the world would end and new one would begin sometime between 2030 and 2060.

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 1.27.06 PMMany who develop their own timeline for the end of world create a sort of mashup of the Seven Seals outlined by John in the book of Revelations and other biblical references. There are countless interpretations, but those that are most interesting suggest that the first six seals (often referred to as dispensations), as outlined in the book of Revelations, have already opened and been completed and the seventh and last seal began sometime between 2000 and today.

The opening of the seventh seal isn’t good news for the inhabitants of the earth. Based on the interpretation of biblical references and the modern calendar, some end of the world timelines indicated that the second coming of Jesus will be around 2020. Although the righteous eagerly await the coming of Jesus, events are expected to be disastrous

for everyone, both the wicked and the righteous, until that day.
If these timelines are correct we have a pretty rough seven to ten years ahead of us.

During this time the great tribulation is expected. Some believe the abomination of desolation will happen during this period. The book of Revelations indicates that angels will release three great woes upon the earth. And the conclusion of this brief era will be the final great battle at Armageddon. If the predictions and timelines are right there is a whole lot of bad in store for everyone.

Are you prepared?

Charles Allen / HEX Writer