The best hot chocolate in Utah Valley

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Winter has arrived, and we’ve been forced into bundled layers, beckoning us to indulge in sweet treats and comfort drinks.


Various locations in Provo, UT.

Everyone has those late night craves and cold chills, and there is one place always open to satisfy those needs. Zip over to the closest location and create your own chocolate concoction. 7-Eleven offers $1 premium Hershey’s Hot Chocolate. Besides the economical price, they also offer additional toppings with no added cost to personalize the experience.


Juice N’ Java
280 W. 100 North, Provo
(801) 375- 5409

On the go and need a quick fix? There is a perfect recipe to remedy the problem. Drive thru Juice N’ Java and warm the soul with their renowned Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate. Nothing else measures up to a hot cookie melting in your mouth with a chocolate twist. It’s just $2.20 for a tall and the taste is sure to last.


In House Café
Outside of Nordstrom at University Mall
(801) 426-2800

Whether taking a stroll through the mall or doing some early holiday shopping, the eBar is perfect for relieving some seasonal stress. Sit down and relax on a barstool with a Merry Mint Hot Chocolate. The taste of warmed peppermint rolling down your throat is good for the soul. This holiday specialty is just $2.55 and only lasts through the winter months.


Coffee Pod
426 W. 1230 North, Provo
(801) 341- 0022

If you’re tired of the same hot drinks routine, mix it up with the relaxed environment of Coffee Pod. Their Mexican Hot Chocolate, with a splash of almonds and cinnamon, makes for an unforgettable taste. It’s a save instead of a splurge, $2.69 for the tall, creamy and steamy winter drink.


The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Café
1774 N. University Parkway, Provo
(801) 356- 9493

Though it’s assumed a retail shop with cupcake in the name is specifically the dessert, there’s more to it. Head into Cocoa Bean for a late night scene of study groups and socializing. Many come for the specialty cupcakes but many more know the secret of their premium hot chocolates. Their most popular, the Hazelnut hot chocolate, is smooth, sweet and very desirable. Spoil yourself for $2.89 of 12 oz and enjoy.


Starbucks Coffee
555 E. University Parkway, Orem
(801) 225- 7104

There is no better way to conquer the cold than having a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate in one hand and a book in the other. Starbucks is the ultimate gathering place throughout the holidays. Whether it’s the cheery red cups or the homey atmosphere, no place compares. At only $3.15 for a 12 oz, one can enrich themselves with caramel melted into chocolate with hints of sea salt trickling on their tongue.


Prices and tastes like this shouldn’t be missed. Turn your season from dreary to cheery with these specialty drinks that warm the heart and soothe on the soul.