Thanksgiving Top 10 Ideas

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Things to do if you’re in the Valley over Thanksgiving:


Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

After consuming all you can on Turkey Day, set up your strategy for how to indulge your consumerism. Every store will be hanging out the holiday deals come the wee hours of Nov. 25. Check fliers and storefronts in the preceding days for the best intelligence on how to plan your shopping spree and incoming debt on Black Friday. Also, prepare for Cyber Monday, aka Black Friday Online.


Go to Velour

Although it’s closed on Thanksgiving Day, Velour is having an indie rock concert on Friday, Nov. 26. Luminaire and Ultraviolet Catastrophe will be playing away post-turkey day.


Play Modern Warfare 3

It may not seem Thanksgiving-themed, but given that the new best-selling game of all time came out only two weeks prior to the holiday, it’s a sure thing that this first-person shooter pastime will play a role in a lot of peoples’ holiday plans. Plus, the game is about saving America from invasion, which is something everyone can be thankful for.


Research Turkey

The country. Come on, it’ll be fun. Honestly, what do you know about Turkey? Take a couple minutes and discover what “Turk” means and how the North American bird stole the glory.


Have a Thanksgiving movie marathon

There are a surprising number of films about Thanksgiving. Settle down on the couch with a slice of pumpkin pie and check out “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” “Pieces of April,” “Dutch,” “Son-in-Law,” “Scent of a Woman” or “ThanksKilling” (yes, there is a Thanksgiving horror film).


Be sporty

Make room for the coming feast or work it off by getting out and being active over the holiday. Hiking mountain trails in the canyons is an exhilarating autumn experience. Find your favorite fallen leaf and take it home. If you want to try you hand at something a little more exciting and historical, head to Utah Valley Sport Fencing for their Turkey Duel on Thanksgiving Day.


Give thanks

Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or solo, you have a lot to be grateful for. Take a bit and think over everything that’s going great in your life. Write some thank-you notes and give some hugs.


Make plans to get a turkey-hunting permit

The state of Utah begins selling turkey-hunting permits in February. There’s no limit to the number of licenses given, so you can buy one all the way up to the end of the season, usually in May. You can impress all your friends next Thanksgiving by bagging your own turkey.


Visit Thanksgiving Point

While this should be a no-brainer, the number of activities that go on there during its namesake holiday would surprise many. Leading up to Thanksgiving, there are several Thanksgiving banquets catered by make-believe Pilgrims as well as classes on making holiday goodies. Closed for Thanksgiving Day, celebrations continue with a spectacular light show on Saturday, Nov. 26.



While there are surprisingly few shelters or soup kitchens in Utah Valley, there still exist opportunities to help the less fortunate over Thanksgiving. Get in contact with the Homeless Youth Resource Center or the Rescue Mission in Salt Lake City and celebrate the holiday by helping out.