Testing Center Deficit Yields Another Fee Hike

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KresLynn Knouse, Assistant News Editor, @KresLynn



Students can expect to pay more for tests this upcoming year, as UVU Testing Center fees are set to increase yet again.


The Testing Center, which is funded solely by the fees they charge, has a budget deficit of over $100,000 this year due to an increased cost of exam delivery and to cover student wages.


Although temporary, new guidelines have been implemented to adjust to this year’s deficit. Late fees will now be administered on the last two-thirds of the testing window rather than the previous one-third. For instance, a three-day exam will now have a late fee on the last two days the exam is offered, contrary to the previous structure of only having a fee on the last day.


This isn’t the first time the Testing Center has raised fees to cover a budget deficit. Students will most likely remember 2012, when fees were increased from three to four dollars. This year, the late fees have increased to five dollars. Some students are frustrated that the Testing Center’s fees have continued to increase, while they are forced to pay those fees.


“Despite the fact that their costs have increased, the amount of students at UVU has risen as well,” Brennan Rubow, a junior, said. “Shouldn’t that compensate for the already ridiculous fees if more students are paying them? Also, why are they passing on their losses to students? We’re already spending a ton of money between tuition, living, and books. This is just more money out of our pockets to take a test for a class we’ve already paid for.”


Students aren’t the only ones seeing prices increase— professors will also notice a change this year. The Testing Center released a statement that said if they are unable to collect fees from the exam given or if the exam is cancelled before it is administered; the academic department will be charged $2.50 per student enrolled in the course to cover the expenses of that exam. Also, they urged professors to utilize class time for testing whenever possible in order to relieve the Testing Center’s capacity.


“This is ridiculous,” junior Ben Kodra said. “I would much rather take tests in class than pay to take them at the Testing Center anyway. I think a lot of students are going to be mad about the price increase, but hopefully that will stop teachers from using the Testing Center.”


Although students won’t like paying more in late fees, they should also remember that the Testing Center offers at least one free day to take every exam. Students are encouraged to plan ahead for their exams to avoid late fees and long lines at the Testing Center.


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  1. Well it would help if they didn’t have 4-5 “employees” standing around doing nothing. Its a waste of funds. BYU and UVU are practically the only schools that use a testing center. And It doesn’t help they lock the doors early so they can “teach students a lesson about procrastination.” Its okay Testing Center we always knew you hated us, We hate you too.

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