Team Elevate wins student elections

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Trent Bates/ UVU Review
Trent Bates/ UVU Review

Student body officers for the 2010-2011 school year were announced March 3 after three days of hard campaigning. Team Elevate, consisting of Richard Portwood, Clint Pulver, Chris Loumeau and Sarah Standing won by nearly double the votes of team UVUnited. Members of team UVUnited included Michael Spurrier, Nathan Lambson, Daniel Diaz and Tess Seymour. Of the 21,944 eligible voters, 9.72 percent voted at a total of 2,134 votes. Linzee Bonner was elected as Vice President for Clubs over Joe Jurisic with 18/30 of the eligible 134 club votes.

For video footage of the announcing of the election results by Trevor Tooke and for interviews with Portwood and Spurrier after the announcement visit

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