Taking Love to the Level of Marriage

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Steve and Cathryn weren’t looking for love. In fact, neither of them expected to be engaged in the near future. But when their roommate and her boyfriend set them up, the inevitable happened. They fell madly and hopelessly head over heels.


Cathryn Bettencourt described the qualities that drew her to Steve Slemboski. “On our first date we went on a hike, and he was 100% honest and open,” said Bettencourt. “We were compatible and we resolve disagreements right away. He is everything that I dreamed about when you were thinking about that dream husband when you were 10 years old. He is kind and charming and genuine and the crazy thing is that he loves me too!”


Slemboski was also drawn to Bettencourt instantly as well. “All the qualities in other girls that I have liked were found in Cathryn. She is very caring. She literally would do anything for anyone.”


Love has many facets, definitions and layers. The moment you find that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, a perception of love is changed. “I would do anything for him, and if he was dying and I could, I would totally trade him spots,” said Bettencourt in describing her definition of love felt for Slemboski. “You feel so strongly about someone that they are all you want to see and you would do anything to make them happy. And you know they would the same for you.”


Slemboski felt his love for Bettencourt growing as their courtship reached the depths of passion. “Pretty much I just realize that this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with,” said Slemboski. “Just knowing that I would do anything for her, and also if there is ever any concerns or things that I need to change, then I totally am find with that because I love her. Anytime I am with her, it makes me instantly happy. It really does though. Even looking at her brings me joy.”


So what brings this change in the level of love? How do you know that you are ready to marry someone? “I was selfish with it [love] before, and I didn’t understand love is a giving thing,” said Bettencourt in describing the difference in her love for Slemboski. “One thing is you are never scared to say what’s on your mind when you really love someone. I knew Steve was different because when we were looking into each others’ eyes, I didn’t feel self-conscious or worried about what he was thinking like I had before [with other guys.] It was just a peaceful feeling.”


Some people almost magically make a full shift in thinking and behavior when they experience real love. This was the case for Slemboski when he met Bettencourt. “I have never genuinely cared about another girl,” said Slemboski. “I really probably haven’t. When I met Cathryn, I feel like I cared about her right off-the-bat which was really a surprise for me. As we have continued to date, it has gotten progressively to where I would do anything for her. I sacrificed a little bit of pride because not I’m not all about me. I try to put her first in a lot of aspects. Before, I would always get my way as far as that stuff goes.”


The happy couple plans to let their love take them to the next level by getting married this summer.


By Faith Heaton


Cathryn Bettencourt, 19

Steve Slemboski, 25