Survey by UVUSA

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Below are the results of a survey given to UVU students about activities and events sponsored by student government.  Questionnaires were given out in an attempt to find out what types of activities appeal to the student body and also what communication methods would be most effective in spreading the word.  The survey was sent to nearly 15,000 students but only 8 percent actually responded to the questions.  The purpose was to find out how much students really know about the opportunities available to them and what can be done to improve awareness in the future.

70 percent of students rarely or never dress up for the Wolverine Wednesday school spirit day

66 percent of students prefer to not be bothered by texts relating to events and activities

Over 50 percent of students choose to voice their opinion and suggestions online

68 percent of students are willing to donate a dollar to support the Green Initiative

Nearly 70 percent of students would prefer to attend a concert for a school sponsored activity

Out of the students that were polled about UVUSA 19 in 20 said they are not involved

64 percent of students at UVU choose to not be involved in MAWL

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