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Student Health Services offer lots of services to students and faculty at a discount rate. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros/UVU REVIEW

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Student Health Services offer lots of services to students and faculty at a discount rate. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros/UVU REVIEW

With this year’s winter season slowly retreating, so has sickness on campus. However, the threat of getting sick still looms over every student, especially those without health insurance.


That is the very reason the Health and Wellness Center, located in SC 221, was placed here at UVU. This university used to supply health insurance for students, but because of the discontinuing coverage, they now offer services at a discounted rate right on campus, and students with health insurance are still welcome.


There are many things offered that students may not know about. When Freshman Sidney Elliott was asked what she knew about Student Health Services, she said, “Not a lot. I don’t even know where it is.”


Student Health Services offers basic medical care and exams such as a physical or even a pre-marital exam. Also available are pregnancy tests and vaccinations for hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus and Gardasil, the human papillomavirus vaccine. The Center also treats many illnesses and injuries ranging from acne, allergies and insomnia to sprains or contusions. They do not, however, possess radiology capabilities. If an injury requires an X-ray, Student Health Services will refer the student to a local clinic.


The center currently employs a staff consisting of two nurse practitioners, two medical techs and a doctor who comes in once a week, all willing to help with students’ medical needs.


Along with all the medical services accessible, there are also multiple wellness programs. Three main wellness programs are currently offered that have been a hit with the students: weight management, stress management and nutrition.


“It’s actually Student Health Services, with Wellness programs within,” said Amy Grubbs, Director of the Student Health Services on campus.


They are all six-week programs, each costing $35. A student may e-mail a counselor and set up a weekly meeting time with a management coach where they can speak on a one-on-one basis. The time can be flexible, depending on students’ needs as long as they contact the management coach ahead of time.


“A lot of students love it because it’s very individualized and personal,” Grubbs said when speaking about these programs.


In the future, the wellness programs will be held in the new Student Life building being built between the PE building and the Sorensen Student Center. The ground-breaking is tentatively set for June 2012, with hopes of finishing the project within 18 months. There will be various activities held in the building, such as spinning classes, aerobics, cardio, yoga, bowling and climbing, but Health Services will remain in SC 221.


By Chelsea Hunter
Staff Writer

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