Students, meet your science building

Students find the new science building to be efficient, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Photo Connor Allen/UVU Review

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Students find the new science building to be efficient, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Photo Connor Allen/UVU Review

Last week was the first week students could walk through the new College of Science and Health Building. Although it will not be utilized until this summer, students enjoyed being able to go through the building to get around the school.


Trevor Davis works for catering and is happy the hallway has opened up because he pushes a cart for part of his job.


“I like it a lot,” Davis said. “With catering, I deliver lunch and dinner all around the school and it’s been cold going outside. It’s a lot easier to push stuff around the school now that I don’t have to.”


So far, the only floor that is open is the first floor. Floors zero and two are still closed to students, but Jim Michaelis, the facilities vice president, said the upstairs is expected to open this week. He said some of the things left to complete are heating and cooling, along with adding exit signs and additional fire alarm installations.


“The fire marshal has asked for more fire alarms,” Michaelis said.


Dave Shumway, a media technician who has worked on installing technology in the building, is impressed at the use of space in the new building.


“It’s an efficient building. There is no wasted space, just classrooms on top of classrooms,” Shumway said. “The auditorium is cool, it’s the first truly big auditorium that UVU has ever had [with] 561 seats.”


However, some students seem less excited about the layout.


“The bathrooms are weird,” said Michael Keller, a student. “You go in, and then go this way, this way, this way.”


What many may notice about the bathrooms are the two button options when flushing the toilets. One is green and is labeled with one water droplet, and the other with three. Michaelis was unaware of this feature before last week. He believes this might be because of one of the programs that will be in the building and its water conservation efforts.


For the most part, students are very excited about this new addition, and many commented about the new look it has.


“It looks amazing. I feel like they should redo the whole rest of the school now,” said Holly Jensen, a student. “It doesn’t have the pipes though, so that is a bummer since the school is known for the colorful pipes.”


While walking through, it is easy to notice the transition from the pipes and prevalent green to the new building that is, for the most part, void of any green color.


With or without the green, it seems that Wolverines are proud of this new addition to campus, especially if it means there will be more classroom space.


By Tiffany Thatcher
Asst. News Editor

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