Student on the street: Your views on the presidential election

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Name: Brooklynn Moir
Major: Public Relations
Year: Sophomore

“It’s hard because I don’t love Donald Trump, but if I had to make the choice I would choose Donald Trump over Hillary, mainly because of the situations that she’s been in with her emails scandal, but I do like Donald Trump’s stance on immigration. I know it’s hard for a lot people because they call him racist and everything like that, but in my view of what he’s trying to do is he’s trying to make everyone that comes over here into our country legal. Make everything legal, make the process better instead of having people just coming over and doing it illegally and making it kind of harder for other people who worked so many years to get their visa or so many years to get citizenship in this country. To me, it’s not fair.”

Name: Jeffrey Barbosa
Major: Political Science
Year: Senior

“Speaking for myself, reluctantly Hillary. I think she’s a little self-serving at times, I think she’s been a professional politician for a long time, while I think her priorities are in the right place. I think at the end of the day she really would do what is best for the country. I don’t think she’s running for the office as a strict matter of ego, I don’t think she’d do anything to seriously jeopardize our national security, I think she would work well with our allies and kind of maintain the balance that we’ve been accustomed to. I think Trump would throw it in the air and see where the piece’s land.”

Name: Dixie Edwards
Major: Forensic Science
Year: Freshman

“I don’t know specifically any that are running anymore, but the one that I most identified with before he dropped out was probably Ron Paul. He’s a Libertarian, so my family’s kind of Libertarian.

I only know Hillary and Trump, and then him [Paul].

I just don’t feel comfortable voting for one of them, I don’t share a lot of opinions with either of them. I feel like even if I do vote for something, or if I do a write-in, it’s not going to matter anyways.”

Name: Kyle Manola
Major: Integrated Studies
Year: Senior

“I would probably say Evan McMullin. He’s kind of the new guy. I would say I identify most with him. I would say I’m more conservative in my views than I am liberal, but I’m not to the point of Trump. He’s [McMullin] a pretty good level-headed individual, not too far of the spectrum either way.

If I had to vote right now, probably either Gary Johnson or Evan McMullen.”

Name: Skylar Ostler
Major: Computer Science
Year: Sophomore

“I did identify the most with Bernie Sanders at the time when he was running. Currently, it’s kind of a shit show. There’s not really great candidates, at least from my personal perspective.

Hillary Clinton I don’t support as a person, however I do support her and I will vote for her because of the policies that she’ll enact when she’s in office.

I don’t really prefer her as a person, I don’t prefer her based on a few different things, but I am voting for her because I know that when she is in office she will help move forward different LGBT policies and social justice policies, and racial policies. I don’t know, there’s so many issues that can be solved by her and her administration even if I don’t support her as an individual.

I’ve looked at the third party candidates. I support quite a bit of what Jill Stein is doing, I don’t support a few different statements that she’s said, such as vaccines cause autism and stuff. The reason I’m not voting for a third party is it’s very hard, especially in this political race, if I vote a third party I basically don’t get to add a vote to Hillary Clinton.”

Name: Danita Ware
Major: Criminal Justice
Year: Senior

“My father is very Republican and my mother is very Democratic, so I see both sides as being influential but this election I see both sides as really, no matter which one we pick, we’re going to be in trouble. Out of the two, I’d much rather work for Trump as a soldier and he being my commander-in-chief.

I have never identified with either party because every year I vote, I vote for whoever I just feel will do the job better. So that’s that.

There’s things that just aren’t very realistic to voting for, like people say ‘I’m going to write my grandfather in’ and that’s just a waste of a vote. And then complaining about who gets elected when they do get elected just isn’t helpful.

Voting to me is very important, for like I said, realistic votes. I think it’s super important. I fight so that you can have a say, and without the military you wouldn’t have a say.

I think that everyone should vote. I think that they should vote realistically, and they should do more. I think that the people should do more to help the country rather than expecting the president to fix everything, or expecting politics to fix everything.”