Student Health Center provides therapy for students

44% of college students have reported having symptoms of depression and 75% of students who deal with mental health-related issues are reluctant to seek help. UVU offers various therapy options to support students' mental health. Photo courtesy of UVU Marketing.

The Student Health Center is offering therapy options to students at UVU with a variety of health services and resources to help with the everyday struggles of life.

According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, 44% of college students have reported having symptoms of depression and 75% of students who deal with mental health-related issues are reluctant to seek help. The SHC offers a variety of therapy options along with it’s student health services to help students treat and examine issues that they might be going through.

“Whether to improve their career trajectory, resolve interpersonal difficulties, change habits, or better manage emotions or stressors, is central to the therapy services we provide,” said Dr. Taige Bybee, director of mental health services. “At Student Health Services we offer psychotherapy for a variety of mental health issues.”

Group therapy is an impactful service provided by SHC. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), therapy groups that have a shared experience are just as effective if not more effective in healing trauma as individual therapy.

“Research is the finding that the most effective groups have a common identity and a sense of shared purpose,” the APA study stated. SHC offers several kinds of therapies relevant to various identities. 

Couples therapy is offered to any dating, pre-marital, or marital couples. “Mental Health Services offers a workshop for couples looking to strengthen their relationship, and couples counseling for those looking to resolve relationship concerns,” according to SHC’s website.

SHC also offers general group therapy to resolve a variety of issues on personal improvement: men and women’s group therapy to address gender-specific trauma, LGBTQ+ group therapy to address issues relating to LGBTQ+ issues, body image group sessions, faith transition groups to help those going through faith-related issues, and general support groups.

Individual therapy options are also offered at SHC. Students who sign on for individual therapy work with their counselor to address particular issues affecting individuals.

“We devote a lot of attention to this to help ensure a safe environment,” Bybee remarked. “As well as elsewhere engage in ongoing training to better appreciate the various qualities that can make students nervous about starting treatment.”

Group therapy sessions are free to current UVU students enrolled in at least one credit hour. Individual therapy is $10 per session, and students are required to be enrolled in at least nine credit hours over fall and spring and six credit hours over the summer. Additionally, sessions are capped at 24 over the course of a student’s time at UVU.

Couples therapy is also $10 a session and students must be enrolled in nine credit hours in the fall or spring and six credit hours for summer.

To make an initial appointment, visit SHC’s mental health site and use their form to schedule a time.

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