Student council proposes title changes for UVUSA leadership

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Students will soon have the opportunity to vote on a series of proposed title changes within the UVUSA Student Council.

“The main goal of these changes is to increase clarity and be more representative of the student body,” Student Body President Karen Magaña-Aguado said in an email. 

Per the UVUSA Constitution, UVU students will be able to attend an informational forum on the proposed changes from 3 – 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 14 in the Student Council Chambers in room 114 of the Student Life and Wellness Center. The decision will also be subject to a student referendum, which will be held from Sept. 20 to Sept. 24. Access to the ballot can be found on the Student Council’s Instagram page, or by following this link.

Magaña-Aguado said that some of the proposed changes aim to make certain titles more reflective of the roles and responsibilities of that office. “Executive Vice President” would become “Vice President of Engagement,” and the “Assistant to the Executive Vice President” would become the “Assistant to the Vice President of Engagement.”

The proposal would also change any titles with the word “chief” in them.

“Despite it being popular particularly in the business world,” Magaña-Aguado said. “We’re looking to be more sensitive to indigenous cultures by not taking away from the importance of the title.”

“Chief of Staff” would become “Executive Assistant,” “Chief Justice” would become the “Parliamentarian” and the “Chief Inclusion Officer” would become the “Inclusion Chair.”

Finally, the “Social Events Chair” would become the “Couples Events Chair” and “Social Arts Chair” would replace the “Fine Arts Chair.”