STEM fair connects students and employers

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The Fall 2021 STEM Career and Internship Fair was held on Oct. 6 in the Grande Ballroom, giving students an opportunity to network with potential employers. The annual event is organized by the Career Development Center

This fair is reserved for employers recruiting for professional career positions, or degree-related internships in STEM. The goal of the fair is to help students make valuable connections that will further improve their careers and goals. 

This year 58 companies were present. These included diverse organizations such as 5-Star Building Products, Scandia, T-O Engineers, and LR Dynamics. A full list of the employers present can be found here.

There were many students attending the fair and networking, each with a different goal in mind.

Alexis Craig, a sophomore studying information technology attended the fair to network. She connected with NetSPI, a company that tests for cybersecurity, an area she wants to pursue. The software company reviews source code for security vulnerability. 

“I am excited to explore the opportunities in the future,” said Jonathan Hill, a senior studying mechanical engineering. He attended the fair hoping to discover new career options.

The Career Development Center organizes many different fairs throughout the year. Some of the other events are program-specific fairs, student job fairs, or door-to-door fairs. These include several fields, from health care to culinary arts. They’ve created a calendar displaying their upcoming events for the spring and fall semesters. 

Their website includes various resources for both graduate and undergraduate students looking for help finding an internship, job or beginning a career.  A list of these resources can be accessed here.