Stay in the know

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In a world where constantly updating information is at our fingertips, most students can easily stay in the know.
While a feeling of information overload may arise, there are details that are important for students to know, especially about the world directly around them, including their school by text message.

Through the Opt in program, students, as well as faculty and staff, have the opportunity to receive access to valuable and important information concerning this school.

The Opt in system has four levels to choose from, depending on the amount of information desired.

The first level will only send texts about emergencies; the second will send messages from President Holland, as well as messages about emergencies.

The third level of Opt in will include messages from student government, which includes messages about upcoming activities, as well as emergency messages. The last level will send texts regarding all three: emergencies, President’s messages and student government messages.

Signing up for Opt in is quick and easy. To do so visit:

After clicking on the Opt in button, the user will then be asked to sign in to UVLink where they will fill out a short form. Once that is completed and the terms of use have been accepted, a quick text test can be administered to ensure the correct number has been entered.

Those interested in Opt in should check rates with their cell phone carrier, as some plans will charge per text or do not include texting at all.

Five easy steps to Opt in
1: Visit:
2: Click Opt in button
3: Sign in to UVLink
4: Enter mobile number and carrier
5: Accept terms of use