I may be a little biased because my anniversary and birthday fall right around or on Thanksgiving, but I love Thanksgiving. What could be better than hanging out all day with family and friends, eating, watching movies and playing games?

–Merinda Davis, Lead designer

I dislike the Thanksgiving fixation: turkey, Satan’s animal. But I like that at least we are encouraged to kill and eat them.

–Greg Wilcox, Web editor

Family Drama

–Robbin Anthony, Office manager

Six different football games to watch on six different channels.

–David Fullmer, Life writer

My mother’s Puerto Rican flan and cinnamon yams.

–Matthew Jonasaint, Asst. Life editor

I am in support of any holiday that provides me the opportunity to
devour mashed potatoes.

–Jack J. Waters, Editor in chief

I love how the first few bites of mashed potatoes are amazing. But I hate how the last bites of pie are horrible.

–Parker Donat, Sports writer

I don’t like Turkey. It’s the feathers. Anything that once had feathers I seem to be afraid of, and feathers only add to the creepiness of the animal.

–Amie Wells, Asst. News editor

I don’t just like sweet potatoes — I love them. But I detest working at 6 a.m. the next morning just so that lunatics can shop. Don’t they know that stores open at 9 a.m.? Why not sleep?

–Jennie Nicholls, Editor at large

I like trying to get as much free food as possible. I like that it’s not materialistic. I dislike how everyone is thanking God.

–Diego Ibanez, Opinions writer

Thanksgiving is only a holiday for men. But the leftover mashed potatoes aren’t too shabby.

–Mel Sundquist, Life editor

Weighing yourself before and after the meal to see how much weight you have put on. How American.

–Spencer Shell, Opinions editor

Family, food and football!

–Matt Beaudin, Sports editor

I dislike the feeling I get after eating way too much Thanksgiving dinner.

–Britnee Nguyen, News editor