Staff Infection: Part I

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I understand everyone and everything, thank you very much. -Mel Sundquist

This morning I walked down the hall of flags. To my bewilderment, I saw half the people still wearing flip-flops and shorts as if it were a scorcher outside. What the hell? Do people not realize that it’s cold and they’re just going to be uncomfortable the rest of the day? -Aaron Wilson

I think watching reality television is ridiculous. I do it, but there’s something strange about sitting at home watching other people live their lives in an overly dramatic fashion. If you watch TV to escape reality, then why turn around and watch reality on television. Why not create your own reality non-show and try to convince 15 girls they should want to marry you and dump one per week after they fail miserably trying to eat gross foods or balance on a post in a river. Then, when there are only two girls left, twist the story line so that you choose neither and can begin planning the next season to your life as a reality game non-show. -Chad Hunt

I don’t get the fascination with social networking, especially with MySpace. There really isn’t anything social about withdrawing from in-person contact to interact with people using bland text postings and maybe sharing pictures of your latest drunken binge. -Jason Adkins

I don’t get homeless people. Is it that hard to get a job? I survive–and I barely make any money. What purpose do they serve? Everyone needs a purpose.  All they do is wander like nomads, sit around in public places and ask for change. Maybe we should euthanize them and solve the world starvation problem. That would give them a purpose. That would be like paying us back for all the coins we’ve given them over the years. -Luke Hickman