My blog would be about how we — as world citizens — can join in making this a more peaceful planet. It is possible if we all intend it to be so.

-Robbin Anthony, Office manager

Me! If I could have a famous blog, it would be about fashion. Because then maybe designers would send me things for free.

-Mel Sundquist, Life editor

About how amazing the world of music can be, while at the same time be so weird. Like Family Force 5 on Gotee Records, or Iodine with dW Records. What is the world coming to?

-Ethan Dodge, Life writer

Your mom. Or your dad. Maybe your grandpa.

-Greg Wilcox, Web editor

It would be about trucker hats. How to wear them, where to wear them, why to wear them and the reasoning for the mosquito mesh in the back. And why they make Andy Kerlin so hot right now.

-David Fullmer, writer

It would be about how the web is so flooded with blogs about anything and everything that the term “famous blog” has subsequently become an oxymoron, seeing as how even the most famous of blogs would still be drowning in an ocean of paragraphs and cleverly constructed sentences about someone’s pet and what it did the other day that was just so cute they had to write about it.

-Jordy Kirkman, Multimedia editor

I already do have a famous blog. It’s about pocket dancing. Holla.

-Jennie Nichols, Editor at large

It would be a moustache of the day blog.

-Spencer Shell, Opinions editor

It would be a blog devoted to world travel with neato clips of my interaction in other cultures. Too bad I haven’t been out of the U.S. Yet.

-Amie Wells

I would have a blog where cheating politicians, lying priests, bishops and all the fake prophets could confess, and then my blog would send them automated emails reminding them how they are unnecessary scums and dregs of society. Someone has to remind them.

-Diego Ibanez