I’d love to follow the Mandy Moore tour, but can’t. Something called a restraining order. -Luke Hickman

I wish I could hang out with my mom. I can’t, however, because she lives on an alpaca farm in West Virginia, which is a four-day drive for me, and I don’t have the flow to fly. Besides, alpacas provoke me. -Jason Pyles

I want to go to San Francisco to pick up the shoes that I left there last month, but can’t because I’m too busy knitting. And no matter how I try, I just can’t knit and drive at the same time. -Mel Sundquist

I would love to go back to Havasupai with the Outdoor Recreation trip as I did this past spring break. That place is heaven! But got to give the hours to the internship. -Mark Johnston

I would like to stop the insanity between the U.S. government and Iran.  Let’s be real.  With over 300 tactical nuclear weapons, and Iran only just developing nuclear capability, who honestly thinks they are a serious threat to us?  News flash:  our ignorance is our own biggest threat.  I can’t stop this insanity over spring break because, well, I think it’s clear. -Carmell Hoopes-Clark

I would love to finish my novel during fall break, but I can’t–I plan to begin writing it starting winter break. -Amy Thaut

One of my best friends is FINALLY turning 21, the baby of our group, and we were planning on going to Las Vegas to celebrate. We have been hoping to go since March. As it turns out, we are all to poor to go and are staying home and working instead. -Heather Brown

I wish I could go to California, sit on the beach and do nothing. But I have to work. -Erik Frederickson