A rose by any other name will be paved over, re-zoned, and renamed.

-Jack Waters

University means changing the name of the paper to something none of us are too fond of….

-Jennie Nicholls

That we’ll be making countless mistakes for a few months, as we’re all rather used to using UVSC

-Brandon Schelin

It means that each time I mention the school, my article is three letters longer than it would have been two months ago.

If that’s too bland, I’ll also say:
It means that at least one word on my resume won’t be one to skim over.

And if that’s too bitter, I’ll also say:
It means that I might actually invest in a bumper sticker.

-Mel Sundquist

I believe that the transition from “college” to “university” will open the door to opportunities which our students have not yet even thought of. It’s as though we are finally being accepted as a viable institution.

-Robbin Anthony