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Given the current weather pattern we are locked into, what are some activities one might engage in to combat boredom?

Given the current weather pattern we are locked into, what are some activities one might engage in to combat boredom?

What about building marshmallow guns, and having a contest to shoot them into big vats of hot chocolate.—Keyra Kristofferson

Kissing.  It’s a good way to forget you’re freezing your a** off.  If kissing isn’t really an option at the moment, then hole up and send snarky blogs to the Opinions editor about the lack of "real" coffee on campus, the lack of "real" parking on campus, or how easily Bush transitioned from anti-Palestine when he was popular to pro-Palestine-Israel peace talks when he’s not. Karl would have come up with a better way to divert our attention from Iraq.—Carmell Hoopes-Clark

Shirtless soccer on a snowy Saturday. Losers must lick the goalposts.—Jack Waters

In the winter months, you simply just need a rope, car and gloves. Tie the rope to the back of the car, put on your gloves, and have a friend start driving. You hold onto the rope and slide along on the slippery ice and try not to fall down, because falling during this activity could ultimately lead to your death.—Jennie Nicholls

I think it would be fun to build a snowman on your neighbor’s porch in the wee hours of the morning, and ring the doorbell. Then have the snowman holding a sign that says "Hawaii Or Bust". This will make the otherwise mad neighbor smile because,"Come on snowman, you are not going to Hawaii! You couldn’t even exist there, idiot."—Greg Wilcox

Throwing snowballs at unsuspecting bystanders is always a good time, but I think sledding down Black Diamond slopes sounds like a productive winter hobby.—Erik Frederickson

Here are a few ideas:
-Buy a kitten and take it for a walk. It’s sure to be hilarious. And then afterwards, you have a kitten to enjoy. It’s like going to the prom and taking the chocolate fountain home with you.
-Learn how to spin donuts in empty parking lots, so you can show off later.
-Make a large supply of snowballs, and bring them to those bridge/veranda things over the courtyard. Throw them at the passersby below.—Mel Sundquist

I would like to rent a snowman costume, one with a big cheesy grin, and lurk the streets at night, throwing balls of meat at passing cars.—Jared Magill

I always find fun by having snowball fights indoors while hiding snow in my thermos (a cue taken from Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes fame).  It keeps things interesting and your enemies on their toes.  Just don’t get caught by campus police: They frown on such practices.—Aaron Wilson

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