Smoother traffic on University Parkway

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Navigating construction while commuting to UVU has been a struggle for students as of late. Recently, Utah County welcomed its first continuous flow intersection to help traffic flow at the intersection of University Parkway and Sandhill Road.

The I-15 CORE team coordinated with UVU officials to determine what would best help with traffic in the area. This is not the first CFI intersection to come to Utah. According to Utah Department of Transportation, the first CFI opened in the fall of 2007 on Bangerter Highway.

“The CFI has proved to be a very efficient design,” said Leigh Dethman, public relations manger for UDOT. Dethman explained that there are a total of 11 CFIs completed or under construction, most of them on Bangerter Highway.

The design of the intersection removes left-turning vehicles from the main intersection, which allows longer “green” time for drivers heading east or west on University Parkway.

“Traffic has gone relatively smooth since the CFI opened last week,” Dethman said. “The CFI has already allowed us to shorten signal times from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.”

Dethman further explained that the intersection will serve 30 percent more vehicles each hour, in comparison to how it was before the implementation of the CFI. Over 70,000 cars drive through this intersection every day, and they will now be able to commute with more ease.

By Emily Stephenson

News Editor

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