Seniors help with their capstone project

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A crowd of around 40 people gathered at the Spanish Fork Fire Department on April 5 to witness the presentation of a $700 check to the family of a girl diagnosed with spinal meningitis.

Students Dave Kreis and John Pine collected donations for the family to complete their senior capstone project for the Technology Management department at UVU. The project was named “Project Kelsey” after Kelsey Anderson.

The ultimate goal of the project was to raise enough money to install a lift system in the house that would allow easier wheel-chair access to the girl’s home. Because of difficult economic times, the plan for the project was altered slightly, but enough money was raised to purchase a lift gate for the vehicle of the family. The lift gate will simplify the process of elevating the wheel chair into the family’s vehicle.

“It was a very rewarding thing to do,” said Dave Kreis. “John created the idea of helping someone out and for us to be able to actually go out and do something for someone that doesn’t have the physical means to help themselves made us both feel really good.”

On average the project itself has required 25 hours of work per student outside their regular class work. Each Wednesday the pair would visit different companies to discuss potential sponsorship of the event.

“For the senior capstone project we had the option to do whatever we wanted and that was great,” said Pine. “I’ve been at this school a long time and I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt school spirit like this and it was because of this class. I thought you know what I’m a senior and I’m going to go and do something meaningful.”

Kreis described the project as heart-warming. He expressed gratitude at being given such a unique opportunity to help someone in need.

Maceys provided sandwiches and food to help celebrate Saturday’s event. Other sponsors included Temkin International, Powerstream, Goodies Cakes and Sweets of Spanish Fork, Wayne Shelton Physical Therapy and several others.

Kreis and Pine will present the results of their project to the department Dean and classmates on April 20.