Second round of financial aid relief funding: what you need to know

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A second round of COVID-19 relief funding is being allocated to students starting this week. This funding comes after congress approval in late December, and is a result of the CARES act originally passed in March and the CRRSAA also known as the corona response and relief supplemental appropriations act. 

In higher education, these acts work to support students who have found themselves in financial distress due to the global pandemic. Currently, students who are Pell Grant eligible will be the first considered for this additional funding. 

Moving forward, the hope is to make these funds available to as many students as possible. In the upcoming weeks, funds will be dispersed based on “demonstrated need,” which will be determined by a series of surveys available on the UVU Cares Website.  Students can also find additional information about the funding on that website. 

Those interested in receiving funds need to have completed FAFSA for the 2020/2021 school year and be enrolled in at least six credit hours this semester. 

“So obviously we are getting funds to pell eligible students. Then every few days we check the surveys and those who are eligible will receive funds. This process will continue until the end of the semester or until funds run out,” John Curl, UVU’s financial aid advisor, said. 

Prior to receiving funds, students will receive an email letting them know they are being considered for  additional funds. While this email does not guarantee the funds in any way, it is a good indication that you will receive them at some point. 

UVU was careful in its consideration regarding the allocation of the funds. The financial aid office has been working tirelessly to make funds available as soon as possible to eligible students, and an expectation has been set for the first round of eligible students to receive funds by the end of this week.

According to Curl, those who are interested in receiving funds should fill out the survey regardless of whether they think they are eligible or not. Curl also encourages all students to complete FAFSA, noting that beyond this additional relief funding, students could be eligible for Pell Grants and government funding that would otherwise go unused. 

“To the students who have not applied for federal aid, please do,” he said. 

Students who receive the CARES act and CRRSAA funds can receive them via direct deposit or by check. In order to see which way the money will become available, students should check their MyUVU accounts.