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BS Valedictorian 

20130308_AWARDWINNERPHOTOSMelinda B. Korologos 

Associate of Science in Dance and working towards a Bachelor’s of Science in Community Health

[Question] Was it your intention to be Valedictorian or did it just happen?

[Answer] I really did not plan to be a valedictorian, my goal when I returned to school after a very long time, was to get all A’s and try to learn and embrace all my courses.

[Question] What has been your motivation to succeed?

[Answer] I feel that some of it was my family motivation.   I have two boys and thought that if I could show them through example that hard work pays off in regards to education, it would be an example they could apply to their current and future secondary education.  I also had something to prove to myself, I wanted to show myself that I could return to school as a very untraditional student, thrive, and meet my personal goals.

[Question] Do you feel that UVU prepared you for your future career and other endeavors?

[Answer] Yes, I feel that all my courses were very engaging and valuable.  I feel that I could be a great teacher to not only my own children, but elementary students as well.  I also know that I learned there are other options within education that I feel I would be interested in pursuing.