We live in a society, people. Take the election for example. It’s the time when freedom-loving Americans reaffirm their commitment to the social contract as defined by the Founding Fathers.

Alas, for the plight of poor deceived Utah citizens, most have been blinded and deceived by satanic media who broadcast lies into people’s homes through their one-eyed devil to distract them from the knowledge that there is actually a candidate for governor who understands and wants to restore the Constitution: SuperDell Schanze.

Lately the only media attention paid to Schanze has come in the form of slander campaigns and ad hominem attacks. Luckily, having been bestowed with certain sets of gifts that enable them to discern truth from thin air, most of the citizens of Utah should be able to see through the propaganda. And those without the gifts need only ask themselves this question, If SuperDell was really a bad guy would any of the liberal news reporters still be around to slander him?

You see people, we may all have the ability to repent because of the grace of God. But we are alive to do it because of the grace of SuperDell.

At the end of the day, there are only three candidates for governor on the ballot. SuperDell Schanze is the only one who truly understands the wishes of the Founding Fathers: socialized religion and socialized capitalism.