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Student Body President, Richard Portwood prepares to run in the St. George Marathon on behalf of two students in need. Randyl Nielson/UVU Review

Most running enthusiasts are aware of the St. George Marathon that will be taking place on Saturday, Oct. 2.

For those runners lucky enough to be chosen through the lottery to participate in the marathon, training for this 26.2 mile run began long ago. While training is one important aspect of the race, for some runners the reasons behind why they are running are just as important as the training itself.

Richard Portwood, student body president, will be participating in the upcoming St. George Marathon and is asking students, faculty and administration to pledge money for every mile he runs for two students in need.

“Recently two students, one who will remain anonymous but is known as the ‘Provo River Survivor,’ and Catherine Warner were seriously injured for reasons beyond their control,” Portwood said in a recent letter to administration and the media. “I have felt it my responsibility to reach out and help, to resolve this situation on behalf of them and students like them.”

Students are encouraged to make a pledge, whether great or small, to show their support for their fellow students.

“Even if I just get a few people to support me, then that would be enough,” Portwood said. “And it also gives me more motivation to run, to know that I am doing it for them, to show that I, as the student body president, and that the students collectively care about them and every student.”

Portwood expressed how important it is for the students to focus their support behind these girls and any other student facing a problem.

“Every student counts, every student is important, to me personally and also to this university,” Portwood said.

For those interested in making a pledge there are several ways to do so. On the Facebook page students can post the total amount being pledged or the amount pledged per mile.

Students can also pledge by emailing Portwood at [email protected], calling 801-863-8732 or even stopping by Portwood’s office in SC 105.

Once Portwood completes the 26.2 mile race, he will contact those who pledged money to collect the funds that will then be split between the two students to help them and their families through the difficult days ahead.

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