Ron Paul revolutionizes UVU

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ISSUE: Oct. 29, 2012


Ron Paul - Connor Allen-14Representative Ron Paul spoke to a crowd of thousands of enthusiastic supporters in
the UCCU Center Thursday, Oct. 18. A presentation on a jumbo screen that outlined principles supported by Paul and examples of his previous speeches led up to the congressman’s introduction.

The crowd supported him with standing ovations and chants as Paul explained how he believes individuals can solve national problems. Many attendees showed their endorsement with clothing, buttons and flags. An abundance of T-shirts, hats and banners emblazoned with “Ron Paul Revolution” were seen in all sections of the center.

“In a free society, the responsibility is on each and every person,” Paul said. “You can’t give the responsibility to the government, or they’ll screw it up . . . If you’re a true American, you support responsibility.”

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