Resources for incoming students 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Utah Valley University has many different resources for students, for help through a difficult time or just getting used to being a college student.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are many different ways that students can be new to Utah Valley University, including transfer students, incoming freshmen, or students coming back after an absence. Students may be unaware of the many different types of resources that are available. Here is a list for students and parents to help all who attend Utah Valley University. 

Academic and career resources, financial resources, support systems, physical and mental health, learning assistance in tutoring, get involved, childcare, technology, resources, and support, crisis, hotlines and treatment resources.  Utah Valley University aims to help its students by making the same resources available to anyone, including those who are first-year, a minority, a parent, or a veteran.  Some of UVU’s most popular resources are financial resources, Multicultural Student Services, LGBTQ+ student services, and the First-Generation Student Success Center. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office can help you with questions about how to pay for schooling and how to apply for scholarships and grants. Their office is open for appointments and walk-in help. You can also schedule a telephone call, by submitting a request to the service center. The Multicultural Center “strives to teach and provide intentional programs and services that embrace and validate, multicultural education [and] promote opportunities for intercultural, learning, exchange, and appreciation.” They host events, forums and other networking opportunities for multicultural students to enhance their lives. LGBTQ+ Student Services “is designed for students who are seeking LGBTQIA+-related services, support, and opportunities for personal growth, safety, and a sense of belonging. [They] put student needs at the center of [their] mission and provide resources to the UVU community seeking a greater understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community.” Students are invited to relax and hang out in their lounge, a safe space for students who may need a moment to catch a breath in their busy lives. The First-Generation Student Success Center “is a community of students, staff, faculty, and other key stakeholders that seeks to provide first-generation students with evidence-based supports needed to thrive in their university experience.”