Real-life ‘Hitch’ gives advice on love

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Photo credit: Preston Yardley

When Aaron Garcia was stumped on how to approach a woman after not speaking to her for a year, he asked Relationship Expert David Coleman how to start off the conversation.

Coleman, the guest speaker at a UVUSA speed-dating event, advised Garcia to send the text, “365. I didn’t want to get to 366 days before saying hello to you again. It’s ridiculous that we haven’t talked in a year.”

The Grande Ballroom was filled Feb. 9 with students who were eager to listen to Coleman’s advice and have dating questions answered.

“It was a great opportunity to get to know students on campus. Understanding their different experiences made it easier to have a connection,” Garcia said.

pickuplinesAccording to Coleman, if someone maintains eye contact, smiles and laughs at jokes (even if the joke wasn’t funny) and asks about future plans, they might be interested.

He revealed truths of both sexes, including how men ages 18-35 are in their sexual prime, while women don’t hit their prime until ages 26-45.

When a member of the audience asked Coleman if abstinence was a good thing, he said it works as long as both people in the relationship are on the same page.   

He also said the person who cares or tries the least controls a relationship.

“If your significant other honestly believes in their heart that you will walk away from them and never look back if they mistreat you or disrespect you – they won’t do it,” Coleman said. “The worse someone treats you, the harder you are working to keep them in your life.”

Coleman’s focus wasn’t just on dating but also on how to move on after a break up. He said it takes two weeks to get over someone for every month together and up to two months for every year together. Coleman said that developing a new hobby, avoiding an ex on social media, and not initiating conversations with an ex are all keys to getting over a break up.