Questions go unanswered at UVUSA Debate

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ISSUE: March 6, 2013, Online only


timthumbDiversity and connectivity were the buzzwords at the UVUSA election debate held Tuesday, March 5 at noon in Center Stage. About 80 students attended to event to watch the 12 candidates discuss their respective platforms.

The candidates were noticeably mild on stage, and the audience questioned the candidates’ hesitancy to get into the meat of the subjects. There was a live Twitter commentary under #UVUSA2013, with many tweets questioning the lack of actual debate.

“I feel like there’s a disconnect between student government and the diversity of the student body,” said Cleopatra Belfore, student. “Because we don’t have the dorms like [the University of Utah], for example, and there are a lot of non-traditional and multicultural students, if student government doesn’t work to bridge that gap then there is going to be a disconnect.”


By Alex Sousa


Natalie Sullivan

Assistant News Editor