Proposed UVUSA Constitutional Amendments

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Aaron Lenkersdorfer | Staff Writer


The leadership of the Utah Valley University Student Association (UVUSA) is planning on making several changes to the organization’s constitution.  The proposed changes would be to rename the position of Social Chair to Traditional Chair and the position of Marketing Chair to Public Relations Chair.  These changes are proposed in order to keep up with the ever-shifting needs of the UVUSA, which are in turn created by an even more dynamic student body.

The Social Chair operates as a member of the Student Activities Council with key powers to, “plan and execute the student activities sponsored by UVUSA,” according to the UVUSA Constitution.  The change to Traditional Chair is intended to reflect UVUSA’s intent for the chairperson to focus their efforts on traditional activities such as True Wolverine, the Emerald Ball, and Mr. UVU.

The Marketing Chair is a member of the Independent Branch Council.  This council has power to, “plan and execute designated programs and activities sponsored by UVUSA,” according to the constitution.  The desired change from Marketing Chair to Public Relations Chair comes from a misperception of the position itself.

“The role of the Marketing Chair focuses on the external advertisement of UVUSA, but can be confused with creating marketing for our events. Because of this, we decided to change it to Public Relations Chair to put even more emphasis on external publicity,” said UVU Student Body President Tyler Brklacich.

These changes would take effect as soon as they are passed and are intended to provide additional clarity and direction to those serving in key positions within UVUSA.