Property of Michael S. Fritchen

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Fritchenation has arrived

Michael S. Fritchen, a.k.a. “The Fritchenator,” is a distinctive man with a penchant for loneliness. At 33 years old, he’s never been married, he’s kissed only one girl in his life and he doesn’t consider himself to be a “real adult”. In “Property of Michael S. Fritchen,” filmmaker and UVU alum Matt Eastin follows the Fritchenator for an entire year, with surprising revelations about Fritchen’s love life (or more specifically the lack thereof), his ever-changing living situation, and a dark secret that manages to still retain the tragic Fritchen charm.  It’s almost impossible to describe Michael Fritchen in words, so check this story on our newly redesigned website at for a teaser trailer for the film and a special introduction by the Fritchenator himself.