President Tuminez and cybersecurity awareness  

Reading Time: < 1 minute President Tuminez talks about the importance of cyber security and how in a digital world, we need to be careful.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Over the past few weeks, students may have noticed a message on Canvas from President Tuminez. In the short message, she talks about the dangers of the new “modern threat that affects us all, cybersecurity scams.” 

With technology evolving faster than government regulation, an increased awareness of how cyber security scams may take place can be a benefit to us all. 

One of the main threats President Tuminez talked about was phishing. “Deceptive emails, texts, chat messages, or even phone calls attempt to lure you into clicking on a link or giving information in scams to steal your identity.” 

With the increased digital world in online shopping package delivery scams are more popular than ever before. “Have you ever received a text about a problem with a package delivery with a link? That could be a scammer trying to steal your information. Worse still, criminals may text you pretending to be from Microsoft or UVU and try to convince you to share a multi-factor authentication code from another text or app.”  

Always be cautious and verify before you act. Protect your personal information and never share verification codes. Trust that gut feeling that something does not seem right. 

President Tuminez closed with “Any voice can be cloned, and here’s a twist: you’ve been listening to an AI clone of President Tuminez’s voice. Just as my voice can be mimicked, so can others. Always be vigilant. Cyber threats are real, but with awareness, we can protect ourselves. Visit the UVU security website for more tips on protecting yourself from cyberattacks.”