Police blotter

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Jan. 14: THEFT-A female student accidentally left her purse in a classroom located in the Liberal Arts building. When she returned, she discovered the purse had been stolen.

Jan. 15th: WARRANT SERVICE-A 25-year-old male was arrested near 1100 S College Drive for driving on suspension, no proof of insurance, improper lane travel, and a warrant out of Millard County for failure to appear. The driver indicated he had a history of driving on suspension and failing to show up for court. The driver was booked into the Utah County Jail.

Jan. 15: THEFT-A cell phone was stolen from the McKay Events Center.

Jan. 15: THEFT-An iPod and credit card where stolen from an unlocked locker in the Physical Education Building.

Jan. 15: TRAFFIC ACCIDENT-There was a traffic accident at the intersection of 960 S College Drive. Accident involved property damage only.

Jan. 16: FELONY DUI-25-year-old Matthew Dubois of Alpine was booked into the Utah County Jail for felony DUI. Dubois had allegedly driven through a gate in Parking Lot C. Officers located Dubois and his vehicle in Parking Lot T a short time later. Dubois admitted to being intoxicated and has two previous convictions for DUI.

Jan. 16: THEFT IN PROGRESS-A 29-year-old student employee was issued a citation for theft after he was found loading UVSC property into a vehicle near the warehouse.
Jan. 17: DISORDERLY CONDUCT-A 31-year-old math tutor was removed from the Math Department for continually harassing an employee of the department.
Jan. 17: CRIMINAL MISCHIEF-A vehicle was keyed in lot G after a woman became upset over the victim parking his vehicle in a parking stall.
Jan. 17: INTOXICATION-A 48-year-old male was found unresponsive at the West Campus. When officers arrived on scene, they were able to wake the suspect and determined he was under the influence of alcohol. The suspect was issued a citation for public intoxication and transported to a local hospital by ambulance to be treated for alcohol poisoning.

Jan. 17: THEFT-$200 cash and other property were stolen from an unlocked locker in the Physical Education Building.

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