Police receive credible evidence that sexual assault did not occur

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Kimberly Bojorquez | News Editor

A warning notice from UVU police chief, John Brewer, was sent to the campus community Sept. 6 regarding the alleged sexual assault of a male student. The assault occurred in a locker room located in the Physical Education Building Sept. 1 at 5:45 p.m.

“Following the alert notification being issued to the campus community – which was issued because the university believed there may be a potential ongoing threat at the time – UVU police received credible information indicating the alleged sexual assault did not occur. There is an ongoing investigation into these issues,” said Chris Taylor, associate vice president of university marketing and communications at UVU.

An hour later, a second notice was sent that said the sexual assault incident had been resolved.

According to Taylor, the warning was sent as required by the Clery Act and UVU Policy 407, which exists to assist in creating a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. The notifications are an important part of UVU’s commitment to a safe campus, said Taylor.

“The alleged incident was reported to UVU police Thursday evening (Sept. 1). Credible evidence, inconsistent with the initial report, surfaced Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 6),” said Taylor.

Currently, UVU Police and the Title IX office are reviewing the issue. The UVU police department declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.