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 Criminal Mischief:

March 16- Police responded to reports of a vehicle driving through the pedestrian tunnels next to the highway. The driver was located and given a citation.

March 20- UVU officers aided the Orem Police in finding some teenagers who were reportedly jumping in front of traffic. The individuals were located on campus and released to their parents.

Suspicious Persons:

March 17- Officers received reports of a juvenile in the LA building approaching people in an attempt to get cigarettes. The police searched the area but were unable to locate the individual.

March 23- Police responded to reports of an individual bothering others on the third floor of the SL building. The officers were able to find the individual and ordered them to leave campus for the day.

 Hit and Run:

March 18- Police discovered a concrete parking pole had been knocked out of the ground in a parking lot. Some pieces of a broken tail light were collected at the site.

March 18- An officer responded to a student in parking lot L4 who reported that their car had been hit and abandoned. The officer checked to see if the accident was recorded, but it had not been captured by the parking lot cameras. No further action could be taken.



Traffic Violation:

March 24- Officers arrested an Orem man who had run his ex-girlfriend off the road with his vehicle. Fortunately, nobody was injured, and the man was booked into the county jail.

Under the Influence:

March 25- A man ran a red light and struck another car. There were no serious injuries, but it was discovered that the man who caused the accident was intoxicated. He was arrested for DUI.

March 25- Officers received several calls from people complaining about a woman driving erratically on I-15 toward Salt Lake. Police caught up to the woman when she pulled into her driveway and arrested her for DUI.

Suspicious Cooler:

March 25- Someone reported a mysterious cooler at Timpanogos Hospital. Written on the cooler were the words, “Earth Tech, do not open or move.” The bomb dog was brought to investigate the situation and it was discovered that the contents of the cooler were geological samples and the cooler had been left there by accident.

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