Police blotter

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Sarah Roberts | Staff Writer | @itssarah_sr




Due to some unforeseen circumstances we were unable to access the UVU police records this week, but they will appear in next week’s blotter.





March 12- An investigation started by one of the police patrol crews came to a successful end. Officers arrested two women, citing them for prostitution.



March 15- Police had to break up a party because of a fight between two men. One man had assaulted a second man after the second man allegedly hit on the first man’s girlfriend.



March 17- An officer was responding to a report of a stolen car when he spotted the vehicle on State Street. The officer proceeded to do a “high risk” or “felony” car stop. In this type of stop they address the driver over their PA system and instruct the occupants to exit the car with their hands up. The driver indicated he wanted the officers to shoot him. One of the police dogs was sent after the man causing him to flee. After a short pursuit, he was arrested and the car returned to its owner.


March 18- Officers were able to track down a bike that had gone missing a few days earlier. The bike was at a pawn shop in Salt Lake County, and police were able to get the information of the individual who sold the bike and arrest them.


Under the Influence:

March 17- Police responded to reports of two men smoking an illegal substance. As the officer arrived, the two men fled from the vehicle. The man located the car he suspected belonged to the men and saw some illegal substance through the window. With reasonable cause of suspicion, he wrote a search warrant and searched the rest of the car, finding even more illegal substance. He waited after seizing the drugs and arrested the owner of the car as he returned.


March 18- There were reports of a man and woman arguing in the street. By the time an officer arrived, the woman was no longer there. The man explained that they were arguing over the fact that the woman was too drunk to drive, but wanted to leave anyway. The woman, who had taken the car, pulled up while the officer and the man were talking. It was confirmed she was intoxicated, and she was arrested for DUI.


Family in Need:

March 18- Police responded to a domestic call a week ago and arrested the husband when they arrived. They also found that the wife was sleeping on the floor and in need of a washer and dryer. The officers spent a week trying to gather items to help the woman. A generous anonymous individual donated a new washer and dryer, which officers hooked up in the woman’s home, and Habitat for Humanity donated a bed, which some officers pitched in some money to help with.