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Suspicious Persons:

Feb. 23- The Orem Police received several complaints about a person yelling on the west side of Wal-Mart. They contacted the UVU dispatch to send officers to handle the situation.


Feb. 24- Officers responded to reports of a suspicious man near the president’s office. Officers contacted the man and he was identified as a local resident from the area.


Feb. 24- A woman on campus contacted police after she received an aggressive phone call claiming to be from the court and demanding information. The woman told the man to stop calling her and that she was going to hang up and call the police. She then proceeded to do so.


Feb. 27- An officer was questioning a group of people reportedly in engaged suspicious activity. One man failed to provide a driver’s license. The man then drove away, ignoring a lawful order, as the officer was attempting to identify him. The man was later located and taken to jail.


Gone Missing:

Feb. 25- A woman contacted police regarding her son who had gone missing. The boy was later located and reunited with his mother.


Feb. 25- A professor on campus called police about his cellphone being stolen. He located the cellphone as he was speaking to police and required no further assistance.





Traffic Accident:

March 2- A 64-year-old driver died after he hit a pole with his vehicle on State Street. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.


Under the Influence:

March 2- Police responded to the scene of a 911 hang-up call. They found that two intoxicated men had been fighting in the front yard. One of the men had a handgun in his pocket and was arrested and taken to jail.


March 5- An officer was responding to a home alarm, when he saw a man running from the house. Upon investigation, the officer found that the man was intoxicated and had burglarized a house near 1400 S 700 E; he was arrested and booked into jail.



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