Police Blotter

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Grand Theft Auto

Aug. 13 — An officer located a stolen Toyota truck while on patrol. The truck had been reported stolen out of Orem. He notified Orem police and an officer responded to the scene. The rightful owner of the truck was notified and came to claim it. No further action was taken.

Drunken Stupor

Aug. 15 — An officer was called to assist the Orem police with a suspicious man. He was passed out in a parking lot and unresponsive. Several empty beer cans were found next to him. The officer was able to wake the man up. Orem police took over the investigation.

Phantom Smoker

Aug. 15 — A custodian notified an officer of someone smoking in a women’s restroom in the Gunther Technology Building. The officer questioned a woman exiting the restroom about it, and she said she was not smoking in there. He did not smell any strong cigarette odor, so he cleared the scene.

Lost Laptop

Aug. 16 — A man stated that he left his laptop unattended in the Browning Administration building for a few minutes. When he returned, it was gone. An officer was contacted but was unable to locate the laptop on video surveillance. No further action was taken.


Aug. 19 — An officer responded to reports of a contained bat. Upon arrival, the caller confirmed that no one had been bitten or scratched by the bat. The bat was destroyed and disposed of, and no further action was taken.

Bat 2.0

Aug. 21 — A bat was found in a classroom in the Computer Science building. An officer was called in to assist. The bat was disposed of outside, and no further action was taken.