Police blotter

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Phantom hit and run
Feb 1- An officer was dispatched to a possible hit and run in the Lakeside parking lot. Police arrived to the area and found the allegedly hit vehicle. No fresh damage was reported on the vehicle.

Fainting spells
Feb 1- Officer responded to a call regarding an individual who had passed out in the restroom of the Student Life and Wellness Center due to dehydration. When police arrived the individual was conscious and insisted that no further medical attention was needed.

Distracted driving and drugs
Feb 3- A vehicle was seen running a stop sign on UVU campus. Police located the car, which had no license plate. While questioning the driver, the officer smelled marijuana. A small amount of marijuana was found following a search of the vehicle. The suspect was ticketed for possession of drugs.

No dog parking
Feb 3- A dog was reported locked in a parked car on UVU campus. Upon arrival, police determined that the dog was not in distress. Police returned an hour later to find the vehicle gone.

Drug bust in GT
Feb 4- A student informed police of someone smoking marijuana in the men’s bathroom on the 4th level of the Gunther Technology Building. Officers located the man in the restroom. The suspect was in possession of an apple pipe loaded with marijuana. The suspect was cited with a court date and released.

Stolen car?
Feb 4- A student called the police department and said that his car was stolen while parked on campus. After a few minutes of searching, police found his car obscured by several busses.

Laptop thief
Feb 6- A student told police that his laptop was missing and that he believed it was stolen. A stolen property report was filed and the suspect remains at large.