Police blotter

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Grand Theft Auto

Jan 26- A man driving a stolen vehicle crashed into another car of civilians, resulting in injuries. The man then fled the scene. Police believed he may have hidden on campus before local police took him into custody.

Jamba Juice Thief

Jan 26- A handbag was reported being stolen from Jamba Juice in the Liberal Arts Building.

Stolen Tire

Jan 26- A UVU student reported that his front bicycle tire had been stolen from his bike. No suspects have been found.

Drugs in the Parking Lot

Jan 27- Police received a call about a car fire in a UVU parking lot. The smoking car was not on fire; the driver was participating in illegal drug activity and was later booked into Utah County Jail.

Bookstore Heist

Jan 28- A UVU bookstore employee reported a theft from the bookstore. After collaboration with campus police, the suspect was identified, found and arrested.

Suspicious Man

Jan 28- Police responded to a call about a suspicious male loitering around the Sorensen Center, when police arrived he was gone.

Stolen Car

Jan 28- A student at the Extended Education Building claimed his car could not be found. The car remained lost after a search of all UVU parking lots; a stolen vehicle report was created for the case.

Uprising at Sorenson Center

Jan 29- Officer called and dispatched in order to keep the peace at the UVU Sorenson Center.

Aggressive Male Student

Jan 29- A female student in the science building was aggressively approached on several occasions by a male student. He violated her “safe zone”, got too close to her face with his face and acted aggressively toward her. Police located and questioned the suspect.

Weed on Campus

Jan 29- Officers found a marijuana pipe within a table in the Classroom Building. No suspects were identified, the pipe has been destroyed.