Police blotter

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Seizure assist

Jan. 20-Orem Paramedics evaluated a female student who suffered a seizure on campus. A family member was called to pick her up.

Criminal mischief

Jan. 20-A vending machine in the UCCU Center was vandalized. The responding officer found that the outer glass had been smashed out, but no products were stolen.

Stalking suspicion

Jan. 21-An officer was dispatched to a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Woodbury Business Building after a report of a suspicious person. The officer located the suspicious person and watched him until the event was over.

Hit & Run

Jan. 21-A hit and run was reported in Parking Lot 14. Police gathered information and filed a report.

Dog fight

Jan. 21-A woman and her German shepherd service dog were walking past the Outdoor Adventure Center in SLWC when a large white dog ran out from the shop. The two dogs caused a large ruckus.

Found briefcase

Jan. 21-A briefcase was found in Parking Lot 4. Before officers could arrive the briefcase was reportedly taken inside the school by two men in UVU shirts. The owner of the briefcase has contacted police with its description.

Missing backpack

Jan. 22-A woman who was a guest at an event on campus left her backpack outside a classroom. When she returned it was gone. It is unknown whether the backpack was stolen or taken to lost and found.

Parking upset

Jan. 22-An officer responded to Parking Services after a student became upset regarding a parking ticket. The student left before the officer arrived, but the officer was able to call the man and resolve the case.

Ninja sighting?

Jan. 22-A suspicious person dressed in a long black jacket with a mask over his face was reported walking around in SLWC. An officer was able to identify the suspect as a UVU student and cleared the scene.

CB laceration

Jan. 23-A man in the Classroom Building was hit in the head by a metal part of an entrance door. Paramedics found that the man had a laceration on top of his head. He did not need to be transported to a hospital.

Funeral procession

Jan. 25-The UVU Police Department and UVU Parking Services assisted in traffic control on East Timpanogos Blvd. for the funeral procession of slain Lehi Officer Douglas Barney.

Suspicious person

Jan. 25-A suspicious man was reported in the road near the UCCU Center at 1200 West. The responding officer found no pedestrians in the area and no further action was taken.