Police blotter

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To report an incident to the UVU police department call, (801) 863-5555

Two-car collision

Dec. 08- Police officers responded to a traffic accident in Parking Lot 3. No injuries were reported. The officer collected information from the drivers and filed a traffic accident report.

Lost property

Dec. 08- A wallet was reported missing. Information was collected from the reporting individual and a report was filed.

Welfare check

Dec. 09- Officers received a call to perform a welfare check on a student. The officer made contact with the student and advised him to call home.

Disruptive student

Dec. 10- Officers responded to a call about a student who was refusing to leave a class after the instructor had asked him to leave.

Bicycle accident

Dec. 10- Officers were asked to assist Medical with a student who had wrecked his bicycle. When the officer arrived the student EMT’s had bandaged the students right eyebrow. The student reported he had hit the curb while riding his bicycle.

Show and tell

Dec. 10- A student came to the police station to report that another student had brought a firearm to class for a presentation.

Abandoned backpack

Dec. 11- Officers responded to the Student Life and Wellness building in regard to a “suspicious backpack.” A black backpack was located and determined to have been left behind by an unknown owner. The backpack was taken to Campus Connection lost and found.

Child abuse

Dec. 11- A student witnessed a mother discipline her small child on campus in manner that the complainant “deemed inappropriate.” The case is under investigation.

Long, lost bicycle

Dec. 11- An officer was dispatched to the Aviation Hanger on a report of an abandoned bicycle. The bicycle had been locked up there for approximately three months. When the serial number was run through the system it came back clear, so the bicycle lock was cut and it was transported to the police department.

Tobacco problem

Dec. 11- A report came in about the smell of cigarette smoke in the library. The complainant believed that someone was smoking in the area. The officer was unable to locate anyone smoking in the library and the case was deemed unfounded.

Drop and run

Dec. 11- A custodian reported seeing two juveniles run away after putting a backpack under the stairs in the Browning Administration building. An officer responded to inspect the backpack.

Unsecured premises

Dec. 12- During unlock procedures an officer found an entire building had been left unlocked, along with a whole floor of an adjacent building.

Unattended minors

Dec. 12- A report came in about two small children who were unattended in the LA building. The officer arrived and found the children, along with their father who was nearby. The children were fine and being cared for.