Police blotter

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To report an incident to the UVU police department call, (801) 863-5555.


Wrong way

Nov. 30-A vehicle at Pioneer Crossing in Lehi crossed the median and drove on the wrong side of the road for more than a mile. UVU Police assisted in the response.

Suspicious men

Nov. 30-An officer received a report of two suspicious men near the track and field. Upon arrival the officer couldn’t find the men, nor did he see anything suspicious.

Elderly man

Nov. 30-Dispatch responded to reports of a man walking around the parking lot, looking into cars. The officer couldn’t find anyone, but received word that it was an elderly man just waiting for a ride and had been picked up.

Panic alarm

Nov. 30-An officer was called to an alarm that read as a panic alarm, but no panic alarm had been set off. The officer determined it sounded due to a low battery. The battery was then changed while the officer stood by.

Backing accident

Dec. 1-A UVU vehicle backed out of the loading dock area of the student life center and hit the driver’s side of a parked, private car. No injuries were reported.

Sexual harassment

Dec. 1-An officer was asked to call a female student who reported that a man had followed her to her car and asked her for sexual favors. The woman told him she was married. No other information was included in the report.

Welfare check

Dec. 3-Dispatch responded to parking lot 10 for a welfare check on a man with Down syndrome who appeared to be lost. The man was found and released to his family.

Black holster

Dec. 3-A person reported they had seen a man with a black holster. The woman asked the man if she could see his gun and he refused. Upon arrival to the scene, the officer was unable to locate the man.

LGBT harassment

Dec. 3-An officer responded to the LGBT office in the LA building, where a man had entered, used abusive language and left.

Acne wound

Dec. 3-Dispatch assisted in a medical report of a student who was bleeding from the head. The officer arrived to find the patient no longer bleeding and not wanting further medical attention. The wound appeared to be from a previous acne scar.

Man removed

Dec. 4-Event staff asked an officer to remove a man from Centre Stage. The man was escorted out of the building.

Unwanted pictures

Dec. 4-A woman reported receiving unwanted pornographic pictures on her phone. The officer was unable to locate any other information.

‘Homeland attire’

Dec. 4-An officer was asked to help with a Saudi Days party and reported that the group was dressed “in the homeland attire” and had a large amount of food for all who came. He reported there were no problems and the group quietly ended their party at 9 p.m.