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Traffic Stop:

Feb. 10- An officer spotted a vehicle running a stop sign in parking lot L-3; however, due to heavy traffic from a Lonepeak and American Fork high school basketball game, the officer was unable to stop the car until it reached the other side of campus. As the officer questioned the woman driver, it was discovered that she had several warrants for her arrest from other agencies in Utah County. The driver was taken into custody by police and booked.



Feb. 11- Police met with a 9-year-old boy and his mother in regard to a theft and harassment that had taken place. Three men had pushed the boy down and then taken his shoes, backpack, and blue iPhone 5c. Officers are working on locating the three suspects and handling the situation.


Nearly Suspicious Circumstance:

Feb. 13- A man notified officers that he believed his motorcycle had been knocked over because the mirrors appeared to have been moved and the bike did not seem to function as well as before. No action was taken on the case due to lack of physical evidence.


Feb. 15- Officer responded to a report of suspicious activity at the UCCU Center. The suspect turned out to be the manager who had done nothing wrong; the reporting party just did not recognize him.





Crash and Run:

Feb. 17- Police arrived at the scene of an accident at 1200 N 1200 W where a vehicle had rolled over, leaving one person injured. The other two occupants had fled on foot previous to the officers’ arrival, abandoning their friend. Police later found the driver and charged him with leaving the scene of an accident.


Violent Forgery:

Feb. 17- A man called to report that his daughter had been forging some of his checks. An officer located the daughter, and she attempted to attack him with her purse as he arrested her. She was taken and booked into the County Jail.



Feb. 18- Officers were called to an Orem home where it was reported a 24-year-old man shot a 64-year-old man before shooting himself. The older man was identified as the shooters grandmother’s live-in boyfriend. Police are still investigating the situation, looking for possible motives.



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