Police blotter

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Storming the hall

Nov. 9-An officer responded to reports of two people dressed as storm troopers skateboarding down a hallway. He contacted the individuals and took no further action.

Stolen wallet

Nov. 9-A student reported having his wallet stolen in the library on Nov. 7. An officer took information and filed a report.

Faulty alarm

Nov. 9-A fire alarm sounded in the faculty annex. It was found that a photo detector was dirty, causing the alarm to go off. The scene was cleared.

Foggy windows

Nov. 9-A patrolling officer at the Health Professions Building spotted a car with foggy windows parked at a red curb. Contact was made with individuals inside the car and the officer issued the individuals a marijuana citation.

Ticking car

Nov. 11-An officer responded to reports of a suspicious ticking noise coming from a vehicle. The officer checked the car, deemed it not dangerous and took no further action.

Stolen backpack

Nov. 11-A student’s backpack was stolen in the PE building while he was gathering signatures for a petition. Upon reviewing surveillance tapes, it was found that a white male wearing a black coat, tan pants and a DC T-shirt stole it.

Potential disorder

Nov. 12-The Aviation Department called campus police to warn them that a student was coming for a meeting and might become disorderly. They said they would notify the police if further assistance would be needed. Nothing further was reported.

Keyed car complaint

Nov. 12-A student complained to police that his car had been keyed. Police were unable to find video footage supporting the claim.

Lost individual

Nov. 13-An officer responded to a parking lot after a report of a handicapped person who appeared to be lost or disoriented. The officer was unable to locate the individual.