Police blotter

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Robby Poffenberger | Assistant News Editor | @robby_poff


Suspicious carrying

Sept. 30-An officer responded to a report of a suspicious circumstance involving a male student carrying a female student out of a class. The officer made contact with the couple and no wrongdoing was discovered.

Trespass threats

Sept. 30-A trespasser who had been asked to leave campus was reportedly seen on campus. By the time the officer got to him, he had stepped off campus but was advised to stay away or he would be arrested.

Stolen gas

Sept. 30-A female student called dispatch complaining that she had found her gas tank hatch ajar and believed her gas to have been stolen. Security footage was reviewed and no one was seen messing with the car.

Suspicious male

Oct. 1-An officer responded to a report of a suspicious male talking to himself. The officer spoke to the man and took no further action.

Electric shock

Oct. 1-Dispatch was informed of two males who had been shocked with electricity. It was discovered that no injuries were sustained, and no further action was taken.

Unsecured chemicals

Oct. 2-An officer on patrol came across an unattended and unsecured chemical storage room in the Pope Science building. The room was secured without incident and the appropriate parties were notified.

Alarm pulled

Oct. 3-A fire alarm went off in the Student Life and Wellness Center. It was found that the alarm was pulled, and footage showed a male pulling it before fleeing.

Halloween creeper

Oct. 3-The Orem Police Department requested assistance looking for a suspicious male dressed in a suit and tie with a Halloween mask on, walking on the sidewalk with an orange-tipped rifle, which he was reportedly pointing at passing cars. An officer assisted on the scene.

Bleeding male

Oct. 3-A male in the Classroom Building was reported to be unconscious and bleeding from the mouth. Dispatch arrived, as well as Orem Rescue officers, who were able to ID the individual and transfer him to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Fence hoppers

Oct. 4-An officer responded to a small group who had hopped the fence near the soccer fields. They were asked to leave and promptly did so.

Suspicious male

Oct. 5-A suspicious male on his phone in a parking lot was reported to police. An officer was unable to locate the individual.

Male heckler

Oct. 5-Officers responded to a loud person in the hallway between the Browning Administration and Woodbury Business buildings. They found a male yelling at another male student, using profanity and calling him names. There was no physical altercation, and one of the males walked away, causing the heckler to calm down.

Hit car

Oct. 5-A student complained that her car had been hit in a parking lot. Security footage was reviewed and it was found that her car hadn’t been touched, and therefore the problem happened off property.

Suspicious van

Oct. 5-Officers responded to a report of a suspicious blue van backed up to a fence at the facilities yard. Officers arrived quickly but found no vehicles.