Police blotter

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Robby Poffenberger | Assistant News Editor | [email protected]




Medical Emergency:

An officer was dispatched on a medical call to the Classroom Building after someone fell, hit their head and suffered “minor convulsions.” The officer found the individual coherently speaking, but the individual refused to be transported and left after being advised to seek medical attention.


Breezeway Fight:

An officer was dispatched to the breezeway between the Classroom Building and the library after someone reported a man and a woman arguing. The caller said they’d been there for two hours and that the woman didn’t appear “free to leave.” The officer was unable to locate either of them.


Suspicious Circumstance:

An officer was dispatched to a “suspicious circumstance” in front of the Browning Administration building. It turns out the circumstance was “misinterpreted by the complainant.” No further action was taken.


Property Damage:

A sign in the PE building fell, causing damage to a display case. It was reported that two males were seen touching the sign before it dropped. The glass was cleaned up and no one was injured.





Suspicious Vehicle:

An officer was dispatched to a “suspicious vehicle.” The car was unoccupied, unless you count the drugs on the seats. The owner eventually showed up and was cited.


Drunk and Lost:

A man reported that someone was trying to get through his front door late at night. Officers responded and found an intoxicated female who “didn’t know where she was.”


Stolen Car:

An officer found a stolen car in the parking lot of Polaris High School. He also found the suspect approaching. The suspect ran away when he saw the officer, but was caught and taken into custody