Police blotter

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Shelbie Kolan | Staff Writer | @shelbie_kolan[email protected]




Neglected Pet:

Aug. 24: A Good Samaritan noticed that someone had left their dog in the car, and was worried that it was too hot. Officers were en route to investigate the situation, but the Samaritan called back to notify that the owner came back and had left. No other action was needed.


Directing Traffic:

Aug. 25: An officer noticed that two cars had parked on the side of the road, causing a disruption in the traffic. The officer parked his vehicle and directed traffic until Orem police arrived.


Technology Malfunctions:

Aug. 26: Officers responded to an alarm that was going off in the National Guard Building. When the officers arrived, they met with military personnel and were notified that the alarm had accidentally gone off when they were trying to set the alarm to test mode.


Welfare concern:

Aug. 26: Officers were asked by Student Health Services to check on a student they were worried about because this student hadn’t show up to class that day. UVU police passed along the information to the Provo Police since the student lives in Provo. The student was later located and was found to be all right.


Ghost Call:

Aug. 26: A call came from the Gunther Technology Building. Officers arrived at the scene and saw no one. After patrolling for a short amount of time, they determined that everything was OK.


Bicycle Wreck:

Aug. 29: An officer was dispatched to the L9 lot for a medical call. UVU’s Medical Response Team also responded. An individual at the location had a hurt shoulder and possibly a fractured clavicle. The individual refused to be transported to the hospital. No further action was taken.


Dog on the Loose:

Aug. 31: A stray dog was reported around 1000 W. 800 N. The dog was said to be following students around, running up to and jumping on them. An officer was dispatched and, after searching for a short time, did not find the dog in question.






Aug. 21: A family in northern Orem was robbed. The family believes that it was someone in the family that had broken into their home. Detectives are currently investigating the case.


Nap Time:

Aug. 21: A woman was found behind the wheel of her idling car. She was intoxicated and was arrested.