Police blotter

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Sarah Roberts | Staff Writer | @itssarah_sr




Suspicious Person:

July 3- Police received reports of a suspicious man in the Classroom Building, that was supposed to be closed and locked due to the holiday. Officers located the man, who claimed he was waiting to meet with a counselor although the counselor did not know he was there. The officers escorted the man off campus.

July 3- An officer that was on patrol found a man playing video games in one of the buildings. The officer informed the man that campus was closed for the holiday and the man left without further incident.



July 6- An officer responded to the Brent Brown Ballpark after receiving reports of an explosive device on the field. The officer located what seemed to be a partially lit mortar firework. The Utah County bomb squad arrived and took the firework.





Under the Influence:

July 6- Orem officers assisted Utah Highway Patrol with a traffic stop. A police dog detected large amounts of methamphetamine and heroin inside the vehicle.

July 6- Police were called to the scene of a car accident after a man had hit a parked car with his vehicle. The officers determined the man to be intoxicated and arrested him for DUI.

July 6- A man was caught and arrested by officers after shoplifting from Wal-Mart. While searching the man, police found heroin in his possession.